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Scale Your Business
Without Stealing From
Your Time

Increase Profit and Time with Family by Joining my Time Wealth Coaching Program, Mastermind and More

Aligned Team

Get aligned to the overall purpose,

mission and goals.

Increase Profit

Increase your financial wealth.

Enjoy More Time

Increase your time wealth.

Is your business draining resources without showing returns?

The lines between home life and work and blurred.

You struggle to manage your time.

Your profit margin doesn't reflect time spent.

You constantly worry about time and money.

Your processes are organized chaos.

Stress/burnout have stolen your enthusiasm.

If these struggles hit close to home, know that a balanced life isn't just a dream.

I'm Here to Help

Matt Chenard,

Certified Business Coach

I get it. For the past several years I've helped  business owners just like you overcome lack of time management and business growth and experience not only doubling their revenue but increasing their personal time as well.  


As a husband, father and multiple business owner, I believe your business doesn't have to deplete you and you deserve success in all areas of life.  I’ll help you scale your business without stealing all your time. 

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Work With Me

Double Your Revenue Mastermind

By doubling your revenue you can finally achieve financial stability and focus on what you truly want to do. Whether that's selling your business, working on passion projects, or investing in your people.

Time Wealth

Coaching Program

As an experienced entrepreneur of 7+ figure business ventures you understand how to grow your business but it has come at the cost of your personal time. You're now in the position to scale yourself out of the day to day operations but lack clarity and a system to make that happen.



If inefficiencies are draining your seven-figure-plus business of valuable resources, my fractional leadership service is here to help. I collaborate with your leadership team to establish a robust structure and business operating system. This foundation improves communication and aligns your team around well-defined objectives.

Jesse H.

I was too stuck in the weeds of the business to think big picture how to grow. Lots of spinning my wheels without making real progress. Now I feel like I have a framework to make good decisions as we scale up the business. I'm constantly improving my EHR and delegating tasks that don't need my attention.

Joel E.

I was working 18hrs a day and still not feeling like I was catching up. I believe now I have better idea of where to invest my time and when to hire people to help. I am giving more time to my family and focusing on areas in the company I want to grow.

Jesse K.

[I was] constantly hitting up against a wall- needing to recalibrate often. I think having a program and framework to work with gives a foundation to be able to revisit often helps a ton. [I am] better able to disconnect from work. Be more present at home. And more focused at work

Client Achievements

Imagine Making $1000 an Hour

The Time Wealth Program offers three ways which I can help you earn up to $1000 an hour including:  The Double Your Revenue Mastermind, One-On-One Coaching and Fractional Leadership Positions. With this focus you can gain more flexibility with your time and your life. You'll also receive a customized plan designed to scale your business effectively allowing you to focus on what truly matters. No more generic advice, get a strategy that fits your unique needs.

Master time management.

Experience immediate ROI.

Build a resilient business structure.

Gain vision and clarity.

Reclaim your personal life.

Secure long-term business health.

Get Started

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Step 1: 

Book a Strategy Call

During our session we'll identify your unique challenges.

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Step 2: 

Build Your Business Operating System

Together we'll lay down a concrete plan for growth.

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Step 3: 

10X the Value of Your Time

Gain back 120 hours in the first 90 days.

Free Assessment:
Get the Diagnosis, Not Guesswork

My Business Report is an online business assessment that helps you diagnose what’s going wrong with your business and offers a customized plan for how to fix it.

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