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Success as a Sustainable Byproduct of what You Do Daily

business coaching dailyhabits mentorship success May 18, 2023

Although my cold plunge journey started six years ago to address several health issues that popped up, I only started sharing my journey online three years ago. When I started posting my “ice bath talks” and reminding people to, “earn their dopamine” the videos received very few views. None-the-less, I kept posting.

Then, in a strange turn of events and beyond what I feel was my control the videos started going viral. They jumped from 100 or so views to numbers like 3.2 million views. As of now, views are down and I’m losing followers. Here’s why I don’t care if the videos get one view, or one million views.

  1. In life, everything ebbs and flows. If you get too caught up in the highs and lows you’ll always feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster.
  2. What we pursue in life should be rooted in deep meaning. For instance, posting for popularity will lead to dissatisfaction because popularity isn’t sustainable, someone will eventually come along and do it better, be more interesting or simply just get more views than you.
  3. We must be motived by the things that align with our values. If we dig deep, we’ll find that popularity isn’t something most of us truly value.

I’d by lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the exposure but I quickly realized views for the sake of views isn’t a good goal. Again, here’s why. Once views go down, discouragement can settle in causing us to get frustrated and give up. It’s also very easy to get wrapped up in the idea that your value or purpose is tied to the number of views your social media posts receive.

This is also true of making money for the sake of more money, a nicer car in the name of prestige and so on. Perhaps the most important lesson I want to share is, what you post to social media, the car you drive and the money you make, likely only represents a small fraction of your life.

I strive to achieve excellence in all areas of life. I can’t get too focused on only the areas I project outwardly. In fact, the times in my life I feel the most successful are the times when I’ve mapped out my yearly plan, when I’ve set my quarterly goals and when I’m making daily deposits to help maintain healthy habits. When I’m doing this, success byproduct of my intentional actions. I can now measure exactly what makes me successful and I can put those things on repeat so that growth in sustainable.

If you’re a seven or eight figure business owner that is bankrupting one area of your life to stack all of your wins in another area, I urge you to reach out. We’ll explore what type of success you can achieve through the TrueAlpha Mentorship program.