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Burnt Out and Broken Down?

business coaching entrepreneurship mentorship Sep 11, 2023

Burnt Out and Broken Down, How I Turned it All Around

It was 2016, a year forever etched in my memory. My family and I had just moved into our first home, and I had taken the leap to expand our gym. I was clocking in 11-plus hours a day, doing everything from coaching classes to mopping floors and tackling back-end tasks. Couple that with my two-hour daily workouts, and I was headed for a crash.

My body wasn't having it. I developed chronic hives, an autoimmune condition likely triggered by stress. Then came shingles, migraines, and a series of physical injuries, including a back issue that numbed my leg and compromised my work efficiency.

Adding to the turmoil, my wife Jilisa was battling an eating disorder and exercise addiction, while my mom had recently undergone two significant surgeries, including one to remove half her lung due to cancer. Thank the Lord, she's now cancer-free for over five years.

Without a proper framework for delegation, systemization, or time-leveraging, I was drowning in tasks that weren't my strong suit. Instead of leading effectively and inspiring passion in others, I was diluting my own gifts.

That's when I took the plunge and hired my first gym mentor. I haven't looked back. Now, in 2023, I've reached a place where my gym runs smoothly without my constant presence. Despite the chaos of the 2020-2023 lockdowns, I'm free to work out, be with family, and focus on personal and professional growth. I've invested in real estate, started new ventures, and given time to what really matters—all because I have an extraordinary team running the gym.

The turning point? Investing in mentors and crafting the Entrepreneurial Blueprint. But this journey isn't just my story; it's a roadmap for you too. With the right strategy, insights into your strengths, and leadership skills, you can transform your work culture and elevate all aspects of your life. It's not about sacrificing health, family, or mental well-being for career success; it's about creating a business of impact that consistently profits, all while having a thriving life at home.

The Entrepreneurial Blueprint aims to guide you in this. You can excel in every facet of your life without trading personal well-being for professional gain. The balance is not just attainable; it's sustainable.

And just like Scott who experienced “great and meaningful one-on-one time with each member of the family this week” and brought in “four sales on the business side,” you can thrive. If you're ready to profit in business without bankrupting your personal life, schedule a value-packed, fast paced clarity call.