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Double Your Revenue

The small business training program to help you apply a proven system to double your revenue.


Create a plan to overhaul
your entire business.


Install a proven system to
2x your revenue.


Join a community of
growth-minded business owners.

Your number one fear as a business owner is running out of money.

Without a proven plan for growth, that’s exactly what will happen. When you're guessing at how to grow your business you:   

Constantly worry about cash flow.

Waste time and money on strategies that don’t work.

Feel like the chaotic startup phase never ends.

You shouldn’t have to waste your time trying to grow your business when there’s already a proven plan that will work for you.

What to Expect In Small Business Flight School

Create a plan to overhaul your entire business in six months. Get access to training created by Donald Miller and Business Made Simple that teaches
you how to implement a growth plan in as little as 6 months.

 Install a proven system to 2x your revenue
You only have to spend 5 hours per week to learn and implement the Flight School
frameworks and start seeing results.

Join a community of growth-minded business owners
Through the Flight School online community, you’ll join a group of peers you can connect with, learn from, and partner with to share best practices.

Get access to a Certified Business Made Simple Coach. Get personalized feedback on how to apply the frameworks in your specific business and industry.

Double Your Revenue in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Apply to the Mastermind

Click here and fill out the brief application for the Double Your Revenue Mastermind. I will be in touch within two business days regarding your application.

Step 2: Start Your Training

Small Business Flight School provides
a strategic, aggressive growth plan
that has been tested and proven in
the marketplace.

Step 3: Watch Your Business Soar

By doubling your revenue you can finally achieve financial stability and focus on
what you truly want to do. Whether
that's selling your business, working
on passion projects, or investing in
your people.

Double Your Revenue Mastermind (6 - Month Program)

Join an exclusive small group coaching experience with no more than ten people. Together, we'll have access to and navigate through the Small Business Flight School curriculum, sharing insights and experiences along the way.

What Happens in the Mastermind?

Each month, we’ll focus on a key area of your business and walk you through the action steps you need to execute. It takes about 5 hours a week over a 6-12 month period to complete the
Flight School training and action steps.

The 6 key areas of your business you’ll be covering are:


  • Leadership

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Products

  • Overhead and Operations

  • Cash Flow

By the time you’re done with the program, each area of your business will be prepared to fire on
all cylinders, and you’ll have a growth plan ready to go that actually works.

I'm Your Business Coach: Matt Chenard

I get it. For the past several years I've helped  business owners just like you overcome lack of time management and business growth and experience not only doubling their revenue but increasing their personal time as well.  


As a husband, father and multiple business owner, I believe your business doesn't have to deplete you and you deserve success in all areas of life.  I’ll help you scale your business without stealing all your time. Join Today so we can get started.

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Stop Guessing at What You Need to Do to Grow Your Business

Time is money, and every moment you spend guessing at how to grow your business is a moment wasted. Without a solid plan, you're not just risking your cash flow, but also the growth and stability of your business. But here's the good news:

It doesn't have to be this way. Use the next 6-12 months to become a confident business owner with more revenue and a healthy, scaling business.


Small Business Flight School is here to help you stop guessing and start growing. With our proven strategies and personalized coaching, you can stop spinning your wheels and start driving your business forward.

Free Assessment:
Get the Diagnosis, Not Guesswork

My Business Report is an online business assessment that helps you diagnose what’s going wrong with your business and offers a customized plan for how to fix it.

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