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Ice Tubs & Scripture Saved My Business

Updated: 2 days ago

I've faced some sleepless nights filled with cold sweats and mornings where I just stared at the ceiling for hours, questioning my next move.


We nearly lost our gym, a business we had nurtured for over ten years. Within just three years, we were forced to open and close five times, unable to use the facilities for seven months despite still having to cover rent.


Checking our business and personal bank accounts became a daunting task. Each time I logged in, I felt my chest tighten, I had to brace myself to see how much of our life’s savings vanished overnight.

In those moments, I felt completely out of control, with fears and "what-ifs" racing through my mind incessantly.


The turning point? My Bible and cold exposure.

On the toughest days, I would force myself to step into the cold tub, even if it was -50 degrees outside. This was my way of breaking the cycle of fear, a stark reminder that I'm capable of confronting hard challenges and making tough decisions.


After my morning cold exposure, I’d immediately read my Bible and pray. During those difficult years, my relationship with God deepened profoundly, and I am immensely grateful for the spiritual growth that period brought me.


Throughout life, I know it might be tempting to feel defeated or even adopt the role of a victim, and maybe even justifiably so. But that line of thinking won’t solve anything.


It’s Critical to Take Action

Put your trust in the One who remains constant in this ever-changing, chaotic world. I believe my trials prepared me to assist other entrepreneurs like you who are driven to create businesses that truly make an impact.


I am committed to leveraging my experiences to support those who follow me. If you’ve grown a successful business but find it's compromising your personal life, I'd like to talk.


I’ve developed the Time Wealth System™️ specifically for entrepreneurs who want to succeed without sacrificing their family, fitness, or spiritual life.


Interested? Email me with the phrase, “Time Wealth." Let's ensure your success enriches, not exhausts, your life.

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