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An Anniversary Not to Remember?

Updated: 2 days ago

March 17, 2020. It was mid afternoon and one of the coaches at Greater Purpose Health & Fitness was coaching the noon class at the gym. I received a message on my phone from someone sending me a recent announcement the Alberta government had made. It read something to the effect of  “Lockdown- XYZ businesses must not continue to run business out of their facilities.”

Questions riddled my mind, teammates were asking me questions, and members started to send us messages asking us questions. 

Let me rewind for a moment before I go much further into this story. Any investment or business I am a part of, I have everyone take the 6 Working Genius Assessment. Without going into too much detail, my two geniuses are Wonder and Invention and so it was fitting that three days prior I had a “gut feeling” this might happen. 

I could see it occurring all over the rest of the world, and thought to myself, “it is only a matter of time.” I could also see the ripple effect coming and knew we needed to preplan some action steps just in case it happened.

At the time Gaetes and Tom, who are two of my teammates at the gym, and I met for a “Zombie Apocalypse'' meeting. We talked about possible scenarios, our principles, and methods we could use to plan for the worse case scenarios. 

The reason I mentioned the 6 Working Genius before, is that this was an example of how we were unknowingly using our geniuses in that situation and the next 30 months of limited capacity and closures.

Back to the start of the story. I felt confident in our ability to answer these questions coming left, right, and center because we had preplanned many unknown situations in advance. Little did I know how many more questions would need to be answered and situations needed to be adapted to in the next couple of years.

I don’t have enough room on this virtual piece of paper to share all the details during those 2.5 years. What I do know is this - I don’t want that to ever happen again but I am grateful for many things that did come from it:

I deepened in my faith

My relationship with Jilisa grew.

I prioritized my priority ladder and actually started to live it out.

I committed to growing as a leader.

My understanding of business grew tenfold. 

I built mental and spiritual resilience.

I designed and refined both the Anchor Method and the Fit5 Investing System.

The list could go on and on. Needless to say it went from a period of time that I thought I’d never want to remember, to one I will never forget.  The biggest takeaway I had from all this is, I became very clear that I want to help build leaders that are resilient, consistent, and disciplined in all aspects of their life- both professionally and personally. 

I also want to help entrepreneurs build businesses and investments that have a strong cohesive culture and vision that can withstand any kind of turbulence that comes their way so they can create a big impact and leave a lasting legacy. 


If you would like to join my coaching program or Mastermind to level up your business without sacrificing in any one area of your life, click here.

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