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Finding Time for What Matters Most

Updated: 2 days ago

Sometimes, managing both a bustling business and a fulfilling personal life can feel impossible. I've been there, and that's exactly why I am going to help you outline a Rhythms and Routines Calendar. This will provide you some insight on just one of the ways I help people one-on-one or in groups.


Why Yearly Planning Matters

I recommend a yearly planning retreat. This is for both your leadership teams and family. Yearly planning connects intentions to actionable plans that help drive everyone on your team forward.


How to Create Your Rhythms and Routines Calendar

  1. Layout the Year: Start with a simple method—pen and paper work great. List out the months from January to December.

  2. Schedule Important Events:

  • For Business: Think marketing campaigns, product launches, and strategic retreats.

  • For Personal Life: Plan vacations, weekends away, and personal growth opportunities.

  1. Digitize Your Plans: Transfer these key dates to your preferred digital calendar. This makes it easier to see the big picture and adjust as needed.

If you're curious about more detailed planning or need a tool to help, reach out to get a free Excel sheet to track and plan these important activities yourself.

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