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How AI will Disrupt Your Business

Updated: 2 days ago

I have added two different versions of this post. The first is written by me. The second version was written by my Blog post optimized ChatGPT channel.

Matt's Version

To start, this blog post was written by yours truly and not by Artificial Intelligence. To be transparent, I have utilized AI for some blog posts and even some captions on my social media content. It’s assisted with the build out of multiple websites and marketing campaigns with the help of my gifted marketer, Jill Miller.

I think we can all agree that AI will drastically change the landscape of the tech industry and those who are impacted by it…so basically, all of us. I also believe that it’s going to dramatically  impact how business teams operate and how roles and tasks will get done. Whether we like it or not, the AI-can-of-worms has been opened and there is no turning back. It is going to exponentially accelerate not just over the next couple of years, but even over the next weeks and months.

As an entrepreneur and leader, what do you need to know:

Think outside the box.

With so many different AI tools coming out every single day, those that can be creative are going to benefit. Here’s an example of how I thought outside the box and leveraged AI to create dozens of pieces of marketing content in ten minutes.

I downloaded the transcript from one of our gym testimonial videos off of YouTube.

I then took that transcript and inserted it into a ChatGPT channel that I had optimized to be an expert marketer.

I asked it to create a blog post for our website and an email to be sent to our contact list sharing the members of the gym's success.

From there, I had the ability to ask it to create dozens of quote cards for social media channels.

While this is all going on, I was able to take the URL from the long form YouTube video and add it to a different AI site that will create multiple search engine optimized, short form clips for social media! 

This is just one example of a work flow out of the many you can create and find. You are limited only to your imagination on this.

Continue to learn.

It’s impossible to stay up to date on all the advancements in this industry. However, this shouldn’t stop you from learning a little bit each day. The ones that will fall behind on this will be the ones who refuse to understand it. The most tenacious person won’t be able to keep up with producing 10% of what AI can create.

Create boundaries. 

We have the ability to leverage AI for many roles and tasks, and with that, will come your ability to do more, in less time. Be careful with this. This could just accelerate your ability to burn yourself out. In addition it could also become a crutch to avoiding the real work. Make sure you are leveraging these tools to do the tasks that are out of your zone of genius and/or the most important top of hand. Be sure you stay in tune with your values and create content that is grounded in a deeper purpose. 

Create deep relationships.

Your customers also now have access to all these tools and the outcomes they can produce. This means trust is going to become much more important. You actually need to care about people. Build deep relationships that people will want to work with you and invest in your service  because they trust you. This is also a great time to mention that AI will not tell you if the content it produces is the best use of your time. Having a mentor can still be a vital part of helping you become successful because they can provide critical feedback that AI simply can’t…yet.

Focus more on culture, than productivity. 

We will see many businesses grow extremely quick and then fizzle out just as fast as they grew. This will be because they were so focused on scaling, that they fail to create a platform and a culture for their organization that has longevity. Just because you can build something, doesn’t mean you should. Anchor your business to something more than just the profit or growth you want to see. This will ensure you are able to quickly adapt without sacrificing your culture and mission. 

At times this topic overwhelms me, as I am sure it does you. Do you feel like you are falling behind and don’t know where to start in this fast-growing, new sector? If so, I would love to help. Out of the 6 Working Genius zones, my strongest zones are wonder/invention. This means the creativity aspect of AI suits my personality really well. 

I can help you create a system to optimize your businesses so that you can spend more time with your family, without sacrificing your business culture and growth. Together we can leverage these new advancements to gain back time for what actually matters in life, while simultaneously providing the members of your business team with the tools to thrive in their roles and grow your business sustainably. 

Interested in learning how the “Entrepreneur Blueprint” and Fit5 Investing System can help you do that? Book a free, ten minute call with me to see if my mentorship program can help you profit more in business without bankrupting your personal life. 

AI Version:

Artificial Intelligence: A Game Changer for Entrepreneurs and Teams 

The elephant in the room, artificial intelligence (AI), is reshaping the tech industry and, by extension, our lives. Moreover, it's revolutionizing how business teams function and how tasks are executed. Like it or not, the AI revolution is here to stay, and its impact is set to accelerate exponentially, not just over the next few years, but weeks and even days.

So, as an entrepreneur and leader, what's your game plan?

Embrace Creativity.

The influx of AI tools is a goldmine for the creative minds. For instance, I leveraged AI to generate dozens of marketing content pieces in just 10 minutes. From repurposing a gym testimonial video transcript for blog posts and emails to creating social media quote cards and SEO-optimized short clips, the possibilities are endless. The only limit? Your imagination.

Never Stop Learning.

Though it's impossible to keep pace with the industry's rapid advancements, don't let it deter you from daily learning. Ignorance isn't bliss here; those who shy away from understanding AI risk falling behind.

Set Boundaries.

AI's ability to streamline tasks might tempt you to do more in less time. Beware, though. Overuse could lead to burnout. Ensure that your activities are purpose-driven and align with your personal life.

Invest in Relationships.

In an age where information is at the customers' fingertips, trust becomes your unique selling proposition. Genuine care for your clients and building deep relationships will distinguish you in a crowded marketplace.

Prioritize Culture Over Productivity.

As AI fuels rapid business growth, remember to invest in your organizational culture. In the race to scale up, don't sacrifice longevity and mission. Anchor your business to a purpose greater than mere profit or growth.

While I could wax eloquent about the AI transformation, I understand it might feel overwhelming, like you're always playing catch-up. If this resonates with you, I'm here to help. As a natural fit for the creative aspect of AI, I can assist you in systemizing your business to reclaim time for your family, without compromising your business culture.

If you're intrigued by the prospect of leveraging advancements to prioritize what truly matters while empowering your team to thrive, let's talk. Book a strategy call today.

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